Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tues 15 Sept - Oaxaca opportunity missed (for Di)

Unfortunately the belly bug that bothered Di yesterday was back and made it a "down day" for Di. 
Lots of fluids, rest and some tablets left Di feeling a bit better but still not up to scratch for sightseeing. 

Di ventured out for an hour or so and sat quietly in Zocolo square listening to a Mexican band, and a short wander through the markets but then continued her quiet day with a book. 

Lisa on the other hand was well organised. By 10am she was largely packed (as we leave very early tomorrow morning) and ready to explore.  Lisa arranged our 4.45am taxi to the airport for tomorrow then headed out via Zocalo to the Textiles museum, St Augustin church and the Cultural museum. A full day. 

Getting ready to party tonight in Zocalo. 

St Agustin church that Lisa visited, she was drawn in by lovely fresh flowers. 

Lisa found the textile museum to be quite small but contrary to this the cultural museum was huge including artefacts from  Monte Albany. 

When Lisa returned later in the afternoon we both headed out to the markets for a last batch of shopping. The artisan markets have some great textiles and woven pieces. Lisa was also looking for a new hat.

After shopping Di was recovered enough to feel like some dinner and celebrations so we both headed out to Zocalo. It was in party mode. 

This band was brilliant and we listened to about 4-5 songs until the rain started. 

People we dancing. 

We were loving it.  We had even worn what red, white and green we had. Lisa wore a Mexican strap on her new hat, Di hat a green t shirt and Mexican coloured clip for her shirt. 

Time for dinner and to dodge the rain that had just started. We chose pizza (for Lisa) and pasta (for Di) as we felt we'd maxed out on fried Mexican food.  But of course corona was needed to wash it down. 

The rain continued and Di was not quite up to a big night, so we headed back to our hotel. 

It's a 4am alarm for our early flight from Oaxaca so we will try a few hours sleep even with partying at nearby Zocalo. 

Buenas Noches. 

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