Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thurs 10 Sept - Museo, Markets and Mezcal

Today we started off wirh a wander down to check out where La Ciudadela markets are (local art and craft) with a plan to come back later today.  But the best part was mingling with locals heading to work or doing their normal daily routines. It all happens on the streets, especially near metro stations like Juarez, which is to the right of where this photo was taken. 

But the winner is knitting man!

This gentleman just quietly sat on his stool knitting for his stall. Loved it. 

We made our way past a lovely mural as we headed towards something not quite Mexican...World Press Photo 2015 exhibition at Museo de Franz Mayr.  Here's the more classic Mexican art.

You really get a feel at this end of town of subsidence and earthquakes. Old churches and walls and fountains "lean". 

The World Press Photo exhibition is always great photography and was well worth taking the time to see. Only downside, all the explanations were in Spanish.  Sometimes it took a while for us to get the gist but Lisa was very good at persisting and trying her Spanish phrase book. 

Museo de Franz Mayr is a lovely Spanish colonial building and worthy of a visit on its own. 

The Museo is in a stunning old home and the exhibition was held under the verandas.  Fresh air, birds twittering and graphic photos. Whenever it got too much for Di she just looked out at the tranquil garden. 

The bibliotheca holds to about 800 editions to Don Quixote and lots more.

No photo rule of the exhibition of course but Di has learned you can be sneaky with a small pocket camera and took this one (particularly because she likes Messi and this look says it all at the last World Cup). 

It was just after 11am when we wandered back towards the markets (La Ciudadela).  We could have gone crazy here. So much colour and interesting things we could buy. In particular Di noticed lots of ceramics that would look great at home and blouses that would suit her friend, Bev.  Lisa was on the lookout for tequila glasses (tick) a new bag (tick) and some swizzle sticks (tick) and still needs to do some gift shopping. Roll on Oaxaca.
Swizzle stick heaven!

Lunchtime and by 1pm we found an outdoor taco joint and had a bargain lunch for $4.50 each. Also yummy.  This is pretty typical of how locals eat - standing and sitting on the footpath.  Delicious and just the right amount. 

Di was very hungry...

A short break back at the hotel then onto our Coyoacan walking tour, which started about 10 metro stops from where we are staying.  We quite like the very cheap and fast metro. And it's so clean. People are constantly brushing and wiping surfaces even when there is nothing there.
Here's a typical train (Orange) and spotless station. 

We had a few spare moments so did a quick street wander and lucky us found these very cute puppies. Di eventually "prised" Lisa away...yep, Lisa loves animals.

Start of our walking tour with Elaine was at Vivesero station at 3pm. The only other person was a Columbia lady so Elaine was switching between English and Spanish.  Coyocan is the oldest part of Mexico City and very historic. Rich and important people have always lived here.  For example this photo of the home of a president who had no earthquake plan in place when the city suffered a major earthquake and many died. A nice home but not a happy story.   Elaine is shown here too. 

And then this place where the first genocide general was based, later followed by a Nobel peace prize winner. 

Some homes don't have quite the dramatic history but the rich seem to get away with murder sometimes (as in a house in "avocado alley" where the man murdered his whole family based on a ouigi board prediction). 

Others were just a good refuge from the rain which lasted only 30 minutes and gave our group a chance to compare photos of cats and dogs in our lives. 

The main part of Coyocan is quite touristy and cute. Coyoacan means the place of coyotes so this statue is their town's symbol. 

Lisa and Di both liked th roasted coffee aroma from this place, in Business since 1953. 

Touristy example...this guy had all the gear on but he could also actually sing. 

Everyone is getting ready for next week's celebrations of Independence Day (16 Septembrer). 

We caught the local bus back to Coyoacan station and the train home. Di returned to the room to blog and Lisa opted to have a coffee at her favourite place around the corner. Also better wifi.

Then off to dinner around 7.30 after more rum and coke in our room.  We started with a cheap but great local meal at a place we have been to before. The roasting chickens have been tempting Di since Sunday.  Remember this place...

The night finished with a few Mezcal at the funky bar next door. We sat up the back left. Cool people and cool music - what were we doing there?

Tried 2 types of Mezcal and a passion fruit non alcholic drink when we needed a break. Mezcal is served with orange peices here. Hard to see it becoming a staple on our drinks menu but good to try.  

Buenas noches.

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