Friday, September 18, 2015

Fri 18 Sept - Last day in L.A.

After our experience both on entry at LAX and with the traffic yesterday we did a few admin things first thing this morning to try and smooth our departure tonight. 

Lisa changed our shuttle time to 30 minutes earlier to allow more contingency to get to the airport. We both hate last minute rushing and this might have us way too early for check in but at least we won't be late. 

Di called the Australian Consulate to check up on her passport after being directed to them by the Australian Passport office. They confirmed that there is NO FLAG or issue with Di's passport at all on Australia's records. WTF? But also what a relief. 

Before we leave the Bonaventure, a few photos of the amazing interior. For fans of "True Lies" the movie with Arnie you may recognise the elevators and ponds in the foyer (Arnie rode a horse through the ponds into the elevator). 

We had arranged a 1pm checkout so headed out for a short wander and explore in downtown. It's architecturally very interesting. It was also a beautiful day to be outside. 

First stop Angels Flight and Grand Central Markets.  Angels flight is a tiny furnicular that is currently closed, which saves you a walk up Bunker Hill. 

The markets are a great foodie dining place and also many wonderful Mexican ingredients (and others). 

More than 13 types of chillies here 

We loved these two business names...

Then we found the Bradbury building which is well known because it was designed by George Wyman who was not a trained architect. The story goes that he only took the commission for the work after receiving a message from his dead brother via a Ouiji Board. It now houses LAPD Internal Affairs which seems sort of an interesting mix when you think it was the home base of Harrison Ford's character in the movie Blade Runner. It is lovely. 

But not the only nice building in downtown. Architecturally more interesting than most people credit.

Then a bit more wandering towards City Hall and the Disney Music Centre before meandering back to the hotel.  On the way we also passed the new Pop Art Museum, a modern white cube, which opens on Sunday, damn!

For Di it was time enough for a swim before packing, checking out and snacking.

Lisa also packed and checked out with Di but opted to have a quiet, restful afternoon around the hotel.  It had been quite a long time on the road for her (3 weeks now and not yet home). Her afternoon worked out quite nicely, as she sat with a book, outside at an upstairs bar and sipped a Happy Hour Margarita. Very civilised. 

Di opted for a quiet afternoon as well but in a different way - sshh at LA City Library. What a great place, like most good quality libraries. It's a lovely building with a mix of old and new sections. 

Just off a corridor were a few old photos and display of Bunker Hill before it was largely demolished.  Again what a shame...but there was a reason for it. It had become a ghetto and very run down and the buildings were falling down too. 

This quote from Raymond Chandler gives you some sense of what happened in the area..

And modern progress moved in. Including our hotel!

The library also 
had a temporary display of old menus of dining places in LA (Di's kind of exhibition!). 

It then inspired Di to go find some cookbooks.  One in particular by Sylvia Woods, of Harlem, where Di and Hans had eaten in 2013 (and Barack Obama ate there too).  Some photos taken of recipes to try at home (IF Di can get the ingredients). 

And for those who know Di she was instantly attracted to this cookbook too. 

A late light lunch and then back to the Bonaventure lobby to blog and wait, wait, wait and then the joys of LAX.  The upside is that we will soon be on our way home and we are looking forward to sleeping in our own beds, and for Lisa seeing her cute dog, Lucky. She's been missing him.

Bon Voyage. 

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