Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sun 6 Sept - A long day that finished well in Mexico City.

The long haul day started early as I needed to leave for the airport by 6am. It was sad to leave Hans but once I was on the way the practicalities kicked in and the excitement too. 

I reflect that it really didn't take that long to get to LA - just a long time to get through queues and on the plane. The 14 hour flight went fine and then ended up being a bit stressful in LAX for transit to the United flight to Mexico City (another 3.5 hour flight).  

Whilst we landed on time, with nearly 2 hours spare for transit,  we had a "jet bridge" issue then a customs issue (they took a girl off our plane and made us all wait).  The result was just 1 hour to clear immigration, collect my luggage, transfer my luggage (hot bag coming through) then RUN from Tom Bradley terminal B (equivalent to terminal 3) to terminal 7. Along the footpath, near the shuttle buses. Not very scenic!  Then back through security and find the gate. 

The United staff gave me an orange express pass but each time other people looked at my boarding pass they queue jumped me ahead.  It was tight.  I pushed, puffed and also got a bit red and sweaty. 
...but made it :-) and amazingly so did my luggage. 

The plane as half empty, I had 3 seats so took the opportunity for a few hours of snooze catch up. 

Mexico City processing was better than LAX and with a pre arranged hotel transfer I was checking in an hour later. The room is at the front but not terribly glamorous views. I did like the drive in. Almost Asia in parts - run down but colourful buildings, crazy wiring, lots of markets and people on the streets everywhere. It is a Sunday so everyone seems out and about.

Me too. I need to move - LAX running aside - so I joined the locals and went for an afternoon wander in a lovely park nearby called Alameda Central. Not  blending in but strolling and enjoying the lovely afternoon. 

Mexicans seem to appreciate buskers and most draw a great crowd here, including these funny clowns. The crowd was all giggling so I couldn't help laughing too.

The Beatles?  They tried...I gave them a few coins. 
Btw the Peso is about 10:1 to Aussie dollar so eating fresh food seems cheap here. I had to try some...yummy. 

To finish off i wandered past some very lovely buildings. This is the postal palace.  Still in use. But more on that in my walking tour tomorrow...

An hour or so back at the hotel frustrated by the wifi - waiting for a break in the rain. I then went looking for a casual dinner. BBQ chicken wings and Dos Equis beer for $10 Aussie was delicious and relaxing. Place was called Wings&Beer.
But then the rain started again. And we are in thunderstorm season. Mexico City was built on a drained lake so guess what? It floods pretty quickly. Made it the 250ms back to the hotel but with soaked feet. But as Hans always says "it's just a little bit of water".

Buenas Noches. 

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