Friday, September 11, 2015

Fri 11 Sept - On our way to Oaxaca

After a big night with mixing our drinks it was a slower start today for us both.  Which is fine because there is not much we can do before our transport arrives at 11am. So we packed, had a later breakfast and then went for the favourite coffee (and good wifi) at Cafe Emir around the corner. 

Our car actually came at 10.30 and with a very efficient domestic check in at AeroMexico democratic we had 3 hours spare for our 2.20 flight. 

Oh well some down time was good for both of us.  We read, chatted, wrote postcards and snacked.  No blogging because no airport wifi. Damn. 

Di got bored and "selfied" while waiting and we both wandered a bit. Again it's all very very clean here and the airport makes Sydney and. Melbourne seem shabby. 

No photos of Lisa while we waited - she was deep into research in a Lonely Planet Mexico book and seemed very happy to have more info. 

Flight and transport to Oaxaca was all good. A shuttle bus to town for 70pesos each seemed reasonable and we were delighted to find that our hotel could not be better located. A nice room and good wifi!  Our hotel is the pink building and is opposite Benito Juarez markets which we had heard so much about.  

Di had itchy feet so headed out for a wander around 4.15 which lasted nearly 3 hours.  

Following are some photos but not much information from Di as she did not pre-read, was walking fast as she just wanted to see and explore (and move after all that airport waiting time). 

Oaxaca is a lovely city. Lots of colourful buildings and looks quite historic and original. 

The mountains called and Di headed up hill. Lovely setting. 

Benito Juarez, the most beloved Mexican president, came from here. 

Of course the most important building in Oaxaca is a church and of course it's near the top of the hill. Di did a quick detour into the church of Santa Domingo de Guzman. 

Wow.  Di was offered a 40 minute tour for 100pesos which might be a good idea later given the level of details.  She will probably return. 

As the dusk was coming Di headed towards the hotel. Then saw this and thought of Hans soon starting his Camino.  Maybe they have a pilgrim trail here too. 

A lovely wander finished with a stroll around the outside edge of the markets then back to the room. 

While Di was gone Lisa investigated tours for us and then went to Oaxacan museum of contemporary art.  Then she headed into the streets to explore too.  Thanks to Lisa we are booked on a Monte Alban 1/2 day trip with tomorrow.   Mezcal distillery tours are proving harder to find at a reasonable price. $150US can't be right.  We will persist.  No photos from Lisa from earlier as she had a SIM card issue which was fixed later. 

Then out to dinner at a place which did seafood. Di could not go past the fried shrimp. Yummy. And Margarita of course. Also yummy. A bit of a splurge but good. 

Heading back out it's clear that everything happens in streets and on side walks here. 
A quick detour past the Artisan markets (closed but on our list for tomorrow afternoon) and then we headed into the main local square seeking coffee.  Lovely and lively on a Friday night.  

We chose a table at a cafe and loved the atmosphere. 
It's hard to keep saying no to everyone of trying to sell you something as you sip your "hot drink of choice".  We know there are some very poor people here. Hardest when you see the children and its late and they are working alongside their parents even at a very young age. 

All we can do is contribute to the the economy (and we certainly are doing that!) and hope the government here uses the money wisely ( ha ha, see earlier protests about government corruption). 

Back to our room to use the good wifi :-)

Buenas noches.

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